Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Project Completed: Slate Walkway

In my previous post I was debating on going with a less manicured look for the front walkway we were going to build.  We ended going with our original plan of using stones that we had, laying down weedblocking landscape fabric and using plastic edging.  I think it turned out nice.

First I started out by measuring and using rope to mark where the walkway was going to built.  I dug down about 4-5 inches removing the existing grass:

I then cut the proper length of plastic edging and lay it out next to the path.  I had to dig a little deeper on the outside edges of the path for the plastic edging:

We then laid out the weedblock and stapled it down:

After getting the weedblock in place, we laid out our pieces of slate to see if we had enough.  It turns out we were a few pieces short so we took up our neighbors offer and grabbed a few pieces from their slate pile:

We then pieced together the puzzle of laying out the slate:

The crappy part of the project was next....moving the stones from the stockpile in the backyard that my wife made when digging out her garden and flower beds to the front walkway:

After carting those stones to the front yard my wife helped spread them out along the path:

It needs a rinse down with the hose but here is the final project.  We picked up a few more copper solar LED walk lights at Home Depot.

Not bad for a couple of amateurs!

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  1. very nice - easy and done so on to next project! no time to reflect! haha.