Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cancel Your Phonebook Delivery

We received our Verizon phonebook about a week ago. I saw it sitting there this morning, still wrapped in its plastic bag and realized that I will probably never open it. If I need a phone number, I'll look it up on the internet. For any services I may need, the internet is the first place I am looking. I decided to contact our phone company (Verizon) to cancel the delivery of our phonebook. After trying to cancel the delivery using their online chat feature, I was directed to call their Directories department (800-888-8448).

It seems that anytime I call the phone company or the cable company to make a change to my service, I end up having to deal with upselling. I've become accustomed to it and expect it but I was actually surprised that the Verizon rep tried to talk me OUT of cancelling the phonebook delivery. After thinking about it I realized that they are making money with the advertisements they sell.

Apparently Verizon has what they call their "Super Guarantee." If I was to hire someone out of the phonebook and register the service online with Verizon, they would "step in" if I had any problems. This may be a good enough reason to keep the delivery for some of you but not for me.  They also said that the phonebook is made from 40% recycled paper. I told them that I am just going to recycle it again so don't bother sending it.

Overall it took me about 10 minutes to cancel the delivery. That's one less plastic bag and one less 5lb. phonebook that has to get recycled.

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