Monday, May 31, 2010

Backyard Project: Horseshoe Pits

My current project is building horseshoes pits in the backyard.  Rather than pounding the stake in the ground and dumping some sand around it (my original pits), I decided it was time to do it right.

I built two 3-sided pit boxes.  We recently replaced the top rails on our deck so I reused those 2 x 6's for the pit boxes.

I found a level area in the yard and stuck one stake in the ground.  I measured 40 ft. and stuck in the other stake.  After laying the boxes and centering the stake, I spray painted the ground where the boxes will go.

Next, dig each pit and lay your box in it.  I dug each pit probably around 4-5" deep.

Next I laid weed blocking fabric and stapled down the outer edges leaving the middle unstapled in order to put in the stakes.

I bought a 4-pack of corner braces, screwed them in and spray painted them with some black Rustoleum.

For the stakes, I bought two small 5-quart plastic paint buckets and a 40lb. bag of quick setting Sakrete.  I set the stakes in the buckets with the concrete and buried them.  Hopefully I'll never have to worry about the stakes moving during gameplay.

I filled around the stake buckets with dirt, unfolded the weed blocking fabric and stapled it down.  I also supported the inside of the box with a few 1ft. pieces of rebar pounded into the ground.  Along the back I used 4 pieces of rebar for support on the outside of the box.

I bought a few bags of paver sand and then topped that with play sand.  I dug the pits pretty deep so I'll need some more sand.


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